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Perdition's Mouth: Abyssal Rift Board Game On Kickstarter

While I wouldn't say I have a phobia against them, I've never really been a big fan of bugs. Yes, I realize they are an absolutely vital part of the ecosystem and they outnumber us trillions-to-one in population on the Earth, but yeah... not a fan. Though I have managed to quell my "smash them all!" reaction when it comes to things like house centipedes (freaky-ass as they might look). So yeah, if there was an Insectoid God that wanted to unleash their demon-insect-spawn upon the world, I'd be in the group lined up to go fight against them. If you'd do that, too, then Perdition's Mouth: Abyssal Rift might just be the cooperative board game for you. It's up on Kickstarter now.

Reading over the description of how the game plays, I'm rather intrigued by how players choose the action they're going to do for the turn. You see, there's this circular Rock of Destiny (not an actual rock. That'd make shipping a nightmare) that has peg holes in it. Each space on the rock corresponds to a certain action your hero can take. Everyone has a peg on the rock for their hero and every turn they have to move their peg around the rock. But certain spaces can only hold so many pegs, and there's a limit to how many spaces you can move your peg. So you might not always be able to do the most-ideal action for everyone at once. That's where some of the challenge and strategy of "who gets to do what" comes in. Pretty neat.

The base game comes with:
- 46 detailed 28mm scale miniatures
- 6 hero action card decks and individual hero sheets
- 200+ cards including wound cards, victim cards, treasures and enemy response action deck
- 2 rondels used for action selection, one for the heroes and one for the enemies
- 3 double-sided game boards with 6 highly detailed maps
- 40 tokens
- 1 rulebook
- 15+ scenario sheets (the number goes up all the time)
- Enemy reference sheets, molded action pegs for heroes, save sheets to record your campaign progress

The campaign is just under half-funded with still 23 days to go.