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Penguin King Games running Kickstarter for Costume Fairy Adventure RPG

Penguin King Games is running a Kickstarter campaign in order to fund Costume Fairy Adventure, a new RPG of their own design.
I know. I know. Just give it a look.


From the campaign:

Take on the role of Nature’s bratty daughters in Costume Fairy Adventures! Twelve inches tall, immortal and full of mischief, your fairy will wield her great powers in the cause of tomfoolery and petty nonsense. Prank the gnomes, humble the ogres and make the humans have all the fun they can stand as you and your friends introduce delightful chaos wherever you go.

Create a unique fairy of your own with the game’s expressive rules and unleash her on an unsuspecting world. Some of her abilities will come from the kind of fairy she is (Pixie, Brownie, Sprite, Goblin, Elf or Fairy), some will come from her extreme personality, and a lot will come from...

...what she’s wearing.