Pendraken’s March releases

Pendraken Miniatures have posted details of their March 2011 historical miniature releases.

March 2011 historical miniature releases

From their announcement:

As quickly as the deadline arrived for the Painting Competition, we’ve got another month’s worth of releases ready. Time to pick up those brushes again…

It’s a 20th Century batch for March, firstly with the addition of the SCW Personalities, Militia cavalry, Foul Weather troops, and the Casualties. We’re almost there with this range, just a few odds and ends to tie up, including a load of artillery which arrived at Pendraken HQ this past week.

The other half of the releases sees a collection of bits and bobs, such as Early War Germans, Russian Senior command, and those handy VBCW types, which we’ve added into the WW2 British section, along with a new ‘VBCW’ section in the Inter War category.

So, here you go:


Militia Cavalry
SCW117 Mounted Officer, turning shouting, cazadora, isabelina (5) £1.20
SCW118 Mounted with rifle on lap, leather jacket, Durruti cap (5) £1.20
SCW119 Mounted with rifle slung, mono, beret (10) £1.20

Generic Infantry in Foul Weather gear
SCW120 Foot, standing firing, greatcoat, blanket roll, balaklava (10) £1.20
SCW121 Foot, running at trail, capote manta over kit, hood raised (10) £1.20
SCW122 Bomber, throwing grenade, capote manta under equipment, pasamontana (10) £1.20
SCW123 NCO turning, MP28, greatcoat & blanket, helmet, granadero trousers (10) £1.20
SCW124 Officer, standing pointing, capote manta, peak cap (10) £1.20
SCW125 Ensign walking, greatcoat, isabelino, loose trousers (10) £1.20

Republican Infantry (Adrian helmet)
SCW126 Running, 1936 Reg jacket, blanket roll (10) £1.20
SCW127 Turning to right, cazadora, blanket roll (10) £1.20

SCW128 General Miaja, service dress, pointing £0.30
SCW129 Lt. Col. V. Copic, leather coat, hands on hips £0.30
SCW130 General F. Franco, capote, binoculars £0.30
SCW131 General J. Yague, canadiense jacket, hands in pockets £0.30
SCW132 Aide, tunic, isabelino, map case (5) £1.20
SCW133 RTO, kneeling w/ radio, cazadora, isabelino (5) £1.20

SCW134 Regular Army, shirt, granadero trousers, isabelino (10) £1.20
SCW135 Militia, mono, Durruti cap, blanket roll (10) £1.20
SCW136 Regulares, chilaba & rexa (10) £1.20
SCW137 Guardia Civil, service dress (10) £1.20


GR218 Early War, riflemen (10) £1.20
GR219 Early War, MG34 (10) £1.20
GR220 Early War, MP40 (10) £1.20
GR221 Early War, radio operator (5) £1.20
GR222 Foot with Russian SMG (10) £1.20

BR153 Early War, Bren gun (10) £1.20
BR154 Civilian, shot gun, coat + cap (10) £1.20
BR155 Home Guard, rifle, helmet, firing (10) £1.20
BR156 Home Guard, rifle, helmet, advancing (10) £1.20
BR157 Home Guard, Lewis gun, helmet (10) £1.20

SV59 Riflemen in pilotka cap (10) £1.20
SV60 Senior command (5) £1.20

A57 US Para engineer, mine detector (10) £1.20
A58 US Para engineer, bangalore torpedo (10) £1.20