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Pendraken's February releases

Pendraken Miniatures have posted details of their February 2011 releases of 10mm historical and fantasy figures and accessories. Pendraken's February releases From their announcement:
This month sees the release of a nice little selection of items, from SYW French with turnbacks, to the FPW Personalities. Also this month sees the release of the latest lot of AWI codes, with some command packs and the Rhode Island regiment, and some stone pillars to go in your Dungeon's. Bringing up the rear, we've added a load of bases to the offering, from little 20x15's, all the way up to 80x80mm bases. Next month we're hoping to have the round bases all ready for you as well. And finally, we've got a couple more colours of scatters and grasses, and some more glues to stick them down with. So, here you go:


  • SYF23 Tricorn foot marching, turnbacks (30)
  • SYF24 Tricorn foot firing, turnbacks (30)
  • SYW14 Generic kneeling, firing (30)


  • AWB38 Saratoga command, standing (15)
  • AWB39 Saratoga command, marching (15)
  • AWB40 Cutdown coat/round hat command, standing (15)
  • AWB41 Cutdown coat/round hats command, charging(15)
  • AWA20 Continental command, 1779 Reg’s, standing (30)
  • AWA21 Rhode Island regiment, inc. command (30)


Prussian Personalities
  • PPW29 Wilhelm I, Count Helmut v. Moltke and orderly
French Personalities
  • FPW37 Napoleon III, Marshal Bazaine and despatcher
  • FIW2 Voltigeur (30)

Sudan/Egypt 1882-5

  • SC20 Mahdist cavalry, sword/spear, unarmoured (15)


Dungeon Furniture
  • DN57 Stone pillars (3)

Basing And Scenery

  • PNTX5 Fine, willow green, 25g
  • PNTX6 Fine, pine green, 25g
Static Grasses
  • PNSG6 3-4mm, sea grass, 25g
  • PNGL3 UHU Multi-purpose, 20ml
  • PNGL4 Gel superglue, 3g
MDF Bases
  • BS1515 15x15mm (x25)
  • BS2015 20x15mm (x20)
  • BS2020 20x20mm (x20)
  • BS2520 25x20mm (x18)
  • BS2525 25x25mm (x18)
  • BS3010 30x10mm (x20)
  • BS3015 30x15mm (x18)
  • BS3020 30x20mm (x18)
  • BS3025 30x25mm (x15)
  • BS3030 30x30mm (x15)
  • BS4010 40x10mm (x20)
  • BS4015 40x15mm (x18)
  • BS4020 40x20mm (x15)
  • BS4025 40x25mm (x15)
  • BS4030 40x30mm (x12)
  • BS4040 40x40mm (x12)
  • BS5020 50x20mm (x15)
  • BS5025 50x25mm (x12)
  • BS5030 50x30mm (x12)
  • BS5040 50x40mm (x10)
  • BS5050 50x50mm (x10)
  • BS6020 60x20mm (x12)
  • BS6025 60x25mm (x12)
  • BS6030 60x30mm (x12)
  • BS6040 60x40mm (x10)
  • BS6050 60x50mm (x8)
  • BS6060 60x60mm (x8)
  • BS8020 80x20mm (x12)
  • BS8025 80x25mm (x10)
  • BS8030 80x30mm (x10)
  • BS8040 80x40mm (x8)
  • BS8050 80x50mm (x6)
  • BS8060 80x60mm (x6)
  • BS8080 80x80mm (x4)
That should be enough 10mm goodness for now.