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Pendraken Sculpting Competition

Pendraken Miniatures are holding a Sculpting Competition. From their announcement:
After the huge success of the Painting Competition, we have decided to follow it up with the very first Pendraken Sculpting Competition. This Competition is open from May 1st through to July 31st, so plenty of time to plan your entry. The theme for this contest is to design a new Dungeon Monster to fit in with our Dungeon range. It can be absolutely anything you wish, from a scurrying little grub, to an all-powerful Demon Lord! Your entries will be judged on the quality of the sculpting firstly, but also on originality and imagination, so you'll need to give your Monster a name, and tell us what it is and how it lives. This contest is all about having a bit of fun and seeing what you can come up with, so if you've ever fancied having a go at pushing some putty about, why not give it a shot? Good luck to everyone!