Pendraken release new South America Pacific War range

Pendraken Miniatures have added a new 10mm South America Pacific War 1879-1844 range to their online store

The range currently consists of:

  • SAP1 Foot in Formal Frock Coat Kepi
  • SAP2 Foot in Jacket Kepi
  • SAP3 Foot in Havelock Kepi
  • SAP4 Ragged Foot
  • SAP5 Foot Kepi Canvas Ammo Bandoliers Firing Line
  • SAP6 Foot Kepi Canvas Ammo Bandoliers Marching
  • SAP7 Foot in Picklehaube [C,P]
  • SAP8 Cavalry Kepi Havelock Carbine
  • SAP9 Cavalry Kepi Havelock Sword
  • SAP10 Cavalry Kepi Lance
  • SAP11 Cavalry Picklehaube Lance [C,P]
  • SAP12 Mounted Kepi Havelock Carbine on Mule
  • SAP13 Guard Cuirassier Lancer (8) [B]
  • SAP14 General Foot (2)
  • SAP15 Artillery Krupp 6pdr + Crew
  • SAP16 Artillery Mountain Gun + Crew
  • SAP17 Artillery 10pdr Parrot + Crew
  • SAP18 Gatling gun + Crew
  • SAP20 2 Limbers, Draught Horses and Out Riders