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Pendraken Miniatures Taking Pre-orders For Blitzkrieg Commander III

Sometimes, a game just needs a new edition. Maybe some old mechanics aren't quite working the way you'd hoped. Or new releases make old rules feel not the best anymore. Or things just feel stale. For whatever reason, new editions can breathe life back into a game. Pendraken Miniatures is coming out with a new edition of Blitzkrieg Commander, and it's up for pre-order now.

From the release:

Blitzkrieg Commander is one of the most popular WWII rulesets of the past decade with over 5,000 copies sold, and we're delighted to announce that the highly anticipated 3rd Edition is now available for pre-order! We'll officially be launching BKC-III at the Salute show on 22nd April, but you can pre-order your copy in advance, ready to ship out on Monday 24th. And as an added bonus, we've got a special discounted launch price of £20.00 GBP (RRP £25.00 GBP). This launch offer will only be available until Saturday, 29th April, so head over, and grab your copy now!

For those who prefer their rules in a digital format, BKC-III will also be launched as a PDF download on Wargame Vault on the same day as Salute, so Saturday, 22nd April. We'll also have a range of 1,000-point starter armies ready for the launch – more details on those coming soon.