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Pendraken Miniatures New Republican Romans

Pendraken Miniatures releases their first lot of 10mm goodies for 2012:

From their website:

This month's shiny additions come in the form of the Republican Romans, which were previewed on our Forum some time ago. With these now available, you can get one half of your Punic War's ready, just in time for the Cathaginians which will be following on shortly. And if you're not sure what you need, why not go for our handy Republican Roman Army Pack, giving you all the basics you need to get started!

Republican Romans -
(All packs contain 30 foot/15 cavalry, priced at £3.50)
ARR1 - Foot command
ARR2 - Hastatii, pilum
ARR3 - Principes, pilum/sword
ARR4 - Triarii, spear
ARR5 - Velites, javelin
ARR6 - Light archers
ARR7 - Heavy archers
ARR8 - Slingers
ARR9 - Italian Allies
ARR10 - Roman Cavalry

Republican Roman Army Pack
Contains 2 x ARR2, 3. 1 x ARR4, 10. And 1/2 x ARR1, 6 (7 packs total) = £22.00

Hope you like them!