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Pendraken Miniatures Announces it's 2012 Painting Competition

Pendraken Miniatures announces after the resounding success of last years debut competition, the 2012 event was virtually guaranteed! This year it's even bigger and better, with more categories, more prizes, and hopefully more entries:

From their announcement:

This year, thanks to the leap year, the competition will be running for 4 weeks and 1 day, starting on Feb 1st, and running through to the 29th.

And this time around there will be 7 categories! We've split the Foot category, to separate those rather colourful 18th C. types from the endless green/brown/greyness of the 20th C. Also, we've created a separate category for all of the Fantasy & Sci-Fi entries. And finally, we've added an extra Open category, to allow entries of any size, from a small snapshot of your army, right through to the whole table if you fancy!


"Foot - Pre-20th C." - Min: 3 / Max: 10 figures on a single base, and pre-1900.
"Foot - 20th C." - Min: 3 / Max: 10 figures on a single base.
"Mounted" - Min: 3 / Max: 8 figures on a single base.
"Vehicle" - Single vehicle on or off base.
"Fantasy & Sci-Fi" - Anything Fantasy or Sci-Fi oriented, maximum base size of 60x60mm.
"Open - Single Base" - Anything which doesn't fit into the other categories, with a max base size of 60x60mm.
"Open - Anything Goes!" - Anything at all you'd like to put in, diorama's, armies, whole tables, anything!

If you're unsure which category to put your entry in, let us know what it is, and we'll point you in the right direction!


- Firstly, all figures must be Pendraken. Conversions are allowed, but only on our figures.

- You must be a Forum member to enter, but other than that, everyone is welcome!

- You may enter as many times as you like but each entry is only allowed a single image. You can combine several shots into a montage if you wish, but still only one overall image. If you have any difficulty posting pics, they can be emailed to Pendraken and we'll put them up for you. We'll also be linking some good photo tutorials closer to the start date.

- All entries must be your own work, and have not been entered into any online competitions before.

- You can post WIP photo's if you wish, and you can also post extra photo's of your work elsewhere on the Forum. These will not count towards your competition entry.

- The winners will be decided by a team of judges (to be announced very soon!). Entries will be judged on the painting first and foremost, but remember that effective basing can make a nice entry look even better.

- Competition threads will be created on the opening date, purely for your entries.

This year we've got a massive £360 worth of prizes lined up, and we'll be announcing those in the next week, so keep an eye out for that! Remember, the opening day for entries is 1st Feb, which gives you just enough time to get any figures ordered, grab your brushes and get busy! We've seen some great work displayed on the Forum over the past 12 months, so we're hoping to see some of it making an appearance in the Competition!

If there's any questions, let us know!