Pen and Lead posts Secret Weapon Resin Display Cubes Review

By Polar_Bear
In Modelling
Sep 16th, 2013

Pen and Lead has a review article up for the resin display cubes made by Secret Weapon Miniatures.

Are they the right pieces to show off your models? The review should help you decide.


From the review:

Secret Weapon Miniatures recently released some new display plinths, or cubes as SWM calls them, to their range of products. In lieu of those releases, they sent out some samples for review. Keep in mind that I”m not a display painter, and so this is my first time handling any “professional” display plinth.

The display cubes they sent were from the “town square” line of products, and each shows bricks, cobblestone, or other typical fantasy or steampunk street.

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  • Gallant

    Need to be taller. For competition gaming I need my bases to be at least 2 to three feet tall. Judges expect no less.

    • snigger… I don’t mind display bases/plinths actually, but part of the charm is making them… They are, like the reviewer mentions, quite common in design.

      I found the review “interesting” with vital information like “As you can see, the 25mm base fits nicely on the 50mm cube…” or “…Both models are considered 28mm, so the 50mm base is easily taller than the models themselves.” Oh, oh and the golden “The 40mm cube is just taller than Gandalf, and right at the Robot Trooper’s head, so roughly 30mm.” Could the reviewer not just measure it and find out if it’s an actual cube as the name suggests – then it would be exactly 40mm on all sides and the information would hold some value as not everyone has a GW Gandalf to eyeball for rough height.

      The pictures were nice.

      • That makes sense…and I’ll add that to the review. They are equal sizes all the way around as their name suggests, but I didn’t allude to it.

        Thanks for the comment and helping improve.

  • Gallant

    Snark aside, it was a good review.