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Pelta Games Launches PeltaPeeps Kickstarter

Most of us here are pretty nerdy. And many of us don't make connections with others too easily. That's what we've got our games for. It's a social activity that helps "break the ice" with others. Well, Pelta Games is looking to bring something like that to the tabletop with PeltaPeeps, their new board game. They've launched a special, 1-week campaign over on Kickstarter.

From the campaign:

PeltaPeeps is a game from Pelta Games. This simple but deep game has a rich story that's expressed in each piece as well as how it plays. It really starts long before the game was made. Go down the page to What We Are for more about Pelta Games.

So this is the 1st game from our Magic Game Table and the story of the PeltaPeeps appeared at the same time. It was found on the table along with the game design early Thanksgiving morning, 2016. All we can reveal from the story right now is this-

"...PeltaPeeps keep much of their ancient Peltan qualities, but in peculiar, concentrated ways. Like their habit of falling in love at eye contact. They're pretty competitive and smart... often act odd and do... funny things. They love a good laugh even though, like everything else- they can only do it with their eyes. there're far fewer PeltaPeeps that are wide awake and on the loose. ...having adventures... happily looking for a new home where all their sleeping friends can wake... (to) build New Peltandia and live there for evermore."

Like I mentioned, the campaign's only going to be up for a week, total, of which only 5 days are left.