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Pegasus Spiele At Gen Con 2016

There's lots of companies that are making their first appearance here at Gen Con 2016. It's been quite a good couple of years for gaming, and more companies are popping up, or being able to make the trek from all over the world to Indy for the show. One that's making their Gen Con debut this year is Pegasus Spiele. They've come all the way from Germany in order to show off their various lines of children's games.

Many families are getting into the gaming thing. Yesterday, while walking the hall I saw may parents with their kids checking out the various booths. But it can be tough to find things that are totally family friendly. Sure, the new Kill-O-Bot 5000 game is nice, but maybe not so great to play with your 4yr old. Thankfully, Pegasus Spiele has their catalog of kid-friendly games here at the show so you can check them out. Stop by and check out their Brains series of games (designed by Reiner Knizia) as well as a prototype of The Dwarves, which was their first game funded by Kickstarter.

Pegasus Spiele can be found at booth 2933.