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PayPal Option Added for Toughest Girls of the Galaxy

Raging Heroes has added in a PayPal option for their Toughest Girls of the Galaxy 2 campaign. It's not on their Kickstarter page (of course), but it's over on their regular website. And if you want to get in on the campaign, but can't for some reason right now, you can pledge via their website version until the end of the month. The pledges through their Kickstarter and their website tie in together for stretch goal unlocks.

From the website:

This Paypal page is designed to collect pledges for our TGG2 Kickstarter.
It is intended for those who prefer to use Paypal instead of Stripe.
It will also accept pledges until AT LEAST the end of this month AFTER the Kickstarter ends.
To know what is included in each pledge, please refer to our Kickstarter page.


? If you are pledging for the first time to the TGG2 Kickstarter, simply go through Steps 1 and 2 below. Then, pay for your CART.
? If you are coming back to add to your pledge, then simply complete Step 2, and only complete Step 3 if you had not paid for shipping before. Then, Pay for your CART.
? Please note that Shipping will be handled separately and collected when you choose your miniatures. For details, please read the Shipping section and the FAQ towards the end of the TGG2 KS page.

PLEDGE CALCULATOR: Here's a nifty little tool to help you compute your pledge, created by Chuck, one of our backers. It is NOT an official tool, but those who have used it have said it does the job quite nicely.