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Paymaster Games open for business

VercingetorixNew historical miniature manufacturer Paymaster Games is now open for business. From their announcement:
This is a launch of the new Paymaster Games web site. We are planning two product lines; here is a quick description of both lines: Main Line or Lines – Going Native: This is a historical line of models based on and inspired by the Native American and Polynesian nations and peoples of the not so distant past. These models 28mm Heroic scale and will cover different armies of native civilizations including the Maya, Aztecs, Inca, Hawaiian, and many others. Right now our main focus at the moment is to supply models for the Field of Glory and possibly Clash of Empires game/rule sets, but we do plan to expand past this. Secondary Line – Heroes of History: This is a historical line that focuses mainly on famous generals and/or people that have directly or indirectly affected the course of history. These models will have a modern romantic appearance that will be a lot closer to a character in a historic setting video game, not unlike the Warrior Series made by Koei.
These models will be 28mm and are intended to be used with all historic games with the ancient battle setting, including but not limited to Field of Glory, Warhammer Ancient Battles, Clash of Empires and Hail Caesar. I am happy to bring to your attention that Paymaster Games is going to introduce ourselves and our lines at this year’s Gencon (August 4 – 7). We will have four new models for your Heroes of History line and three models for Going Native line. Here is a list of what we are bringing: Heroes of History:
  • Vercingetorix, the Gaul
  • Marcus Crassus, the Richest Man in Rome
  • Date Masamune, the One Eyed Dragon
  • Nezahualcoyotl, Warrior Poet of Aztecs
Going Native:
  • Three Polynesian Adventurers w/ Spears
Prices will be announced at a later date. To wet your whistles, here is our first picture of our up and coming models, Vercingetorix, the Gaul.