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Paymaster Games launches Going Native: Warpath Warriors and Spirit Beasts Kickstarter

Paymaster Games has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Going Native: Warpath Warriors and Spirit Beasts minis.


From the campaign:

Going Native: Warpath is a miniatures based table top strategy game that focuses on the native cultures of the Americas and the Pacific. Two years ago, I launched a successful Kickstarter to create a game and a new and exciting line of Native American and Polynesian models. During the campaign, I ended up creating more miniatures then I could produce with the funds that I collected. The main goal with this campaign is to raise the money to send all of the models I have in to production. All models presented during this campaign will be cast in white metal in order to maintain the highest quality and quickest delivery.

I have great news for those who are looking for gifts for their loved ones for this Christmas, all of the models and kits listed as done below will ship before the holiday. The models listed as new will likely ship after the holiday season, due to the time needed to create the greens (pre-production model) and ship them in from the region of the world the sculptor lives.

The models are split in to two groups: warrior and spirit beasts. Warrior models are human models that are based on the different cultures of the Americas and the Pacific. Spirit Beasts are the mythical creatures and monsters that appear in the stories of these native peoples. After the main funding goal is reached, new warriors and spirit beasts will be added to the campaign as we rise above the funding goal.