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Pax Bochemannica - un-boxed by Maveryc

Maveryc takes a look inside their Pax Bochemannica set and shows off the contents.

From the unboxing:

We've had a great response since we announced the imminent release of our first A4 Boxed Game Pax Bochemannica and all of the Advance Orders have now been shipped ahead of our original schedule, which is great!

During this time though, we've had a lot of emails from gamers asking to see what you actually get in the Starter Set, which is a pretty fair question to ask before parting with any hard earned cash.

So, in response to those requests, we've added a picture of the contents full of the Boxed Set to our website and our Facebook page.

Just to clarify what's actually in the picture, the contents are:

The outer box
A 64 page perfect bound, skirmish level Rulebook
20 miniatures (6 Orc Nomans and 14 Halfling Boche)
20 Bases
4 Noman shields
8 Boche shields
12 Tokens
2 D10 dice