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Paulson Games previews 6mm metal Mecha Front minis

Paulson Games is showing off the prototype versions of some 6mm mechs they got in, testing out how they'll look from their Kickstarter campaign.

6mm mechs


From the post:

The test pieces for several of the 6mm mechs arrived yesterday and I assembled a squad of each. After reviewing everything I sent in my order confirmation to the spin caster and I should have the production models arriving within a couple of weeks.

Here's how they came out, I didn't spend a lot of time working on them basically they each got a quick assembly and a bath in some soap water to remove some of the casting residue. It's difficult to see details on the raw metal color and I will try and take some pictures of these with a coat of prime in the next week.

The light mechs are on 40mm base and the medium is on a 50mm base. Which are all made by Ken from Proxie Models.

Other news is that the Cougar supposedly shipped out today, which if correct will likely arrive by this weekend. (both the 6mm & 15mm versions) The B&C variant parts for the 15mm Raptor are also in the shipment which will allow me to tackle getting those molded and get their casting underway.