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Paulson Games posts production run photos

Paulson Games has posted up some photos of the production run metal minis from their Kickstarter campaign.

Production Metal


From the post:

Here is one of the production casts. It's in it's raw form, nothing has been scraped or filed. It had the sprue attachments removed and was glued together in under 5 minutes.

My camera has a very hard time with metallic surfaces while close up in macro mode so it appears gritty, despite how it appears in the photo the surface is quite smooth.

While I didn't wash this copy, it'd be advisable to wash the parts before assembly, the spincaster uses talc (baby powder) in the process and while it may not be visible on the model it is there and will make it more difficult for glue and paint to hold onto the surface. A quick wash in dish detergent or a cleaner like simple green will take care of it no problem. I usually give my models a quick scrubbing with an old toothbrush, just don't use a wire brush or steel wool as it'll scratch the models.

After sorting through the bag of torsos my fingers were black from the casting residue so it's certainly there.

I'll post pictures of a primed model as soon as I have some decent weather and can break out the spray paint.