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Patrol Angis 15mm Wargame Rules pre-order offers at The Ion Age

A lot of times, you'll see a set of minis and think, "Wow, those are cool. Is there a game that goes with them?" and when you find out there's not, there's that twang of, "awww, damn." Sure, you could use the set of minis for another set of rules you might know about it as proxies or stand-ins. But there's just something extra when you can use the minis for a game that's designed to use them. Well, The Ion Age is now taking pre-orders for Patrol Angis, a 15mm sci-fi minis wargame that'll use their line of minis.

Patrol Angis is a sci-fi skirmish game where each player will have somewhere between 15 and 40 models on the board. Once you know the rules, a game should take about an hour. The rules were designed to be tactically deep, but not bogged down by loads of charts and tables. There's also an option for solo play. The rulebook is full of background and army breakdowns, plus several scenarios to get you started.

The Ion Age is also running special offers for those that get in early. You can place orders now and get 15% of the release price. You only have until the end of the month to get your order in for the discount, though, so go make your order now before you forget! Pre-orders will start shipping out at the start of June.