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Patriots & Loyalists & Zombies at Saber's Edge

Saber's Edge is pleased to offer Stephen Danes "Patriots & Loyalists & Zombies" a Zombie survival game set during the American Revolution:

From their website:

The Zombie Apocalypse has moved from the Old World to the New. As a new country struggles to emerge from revolution and civil war, its very independence is now threatened by a force savage and deadly. In deep forests and lonely outposts, amongst the piles of fallen heroes a new danger twitches into life. This terrible threat possesses a hunger that cannot be satisfied - a craving for living human flesh that knows no bounds. The dead are beginning to walk again and no one is safe. Will the old divisions of loyalty and patriotism still persist? Or will humankind bury its differences and join forces against the undead plague? Only you can decide!

This game is based on the Pike & Shot & Zombies rules (the Renaissance post-apocalyptic survival game) but is set during the time of the American War of Independence. The rules have the same basic mechanics as the previous set but obviously have a very different historical “feel”. There are of course new weapons and new characters (and unfortunately for these survivors - far less armour!). There are also new scientific ideas which may hold an explanation or a way of countering the vile undead.

But some say that the deadliest threat still comes from mankind’s inexhaustible capacity to destroy itself. Will the warring parties fighting for king or independence continue their struggle or stand together against this new danger?

The Zombie History of the world continues with Patriots & Loyalists & Zombies...

$14 USD - PDF