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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Community Card Creator and Errata Decks

Paizo and DriveThruCards have teamed up to bring you the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Community Card Creator. Basically, you can make and print out your own cards for the Pathfinder Adventure card game based on characters and items in your own adventures. You can keep them to yourself or publish them for others to use.
They've also posted up errata decks for the game.


From the announcement:

Paizo and DriveThruCards are delighted to announce their partnership and today's release of the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Community Card Creator. That's quite a mouthful isn't it? Even making it an acronym, PACGCCC, isn't much better. Let's call it the Card Creator.

So what is the Card Creator? It's a web application at DriveThruCards that lets you create, print, and share your own cards ideas for PACG.

The Card Creator allows you to:

Create your own cards
Purchase your created cards in print for $0.50/card.
Keep your card private.
List your card publicly on DriveThruCards, allowing other PACG fans to see your card, comment on it, and purchase it.

Using the creator is easy. Just choose your card type, and then upload some card art.

Today we're also releasing errata decks on DriveThruCards for any PACG fan who wants to play with fully corrected Rise of the Runelords cards. There are a few different errata decks, and you'll want to check the printing of your cards to know which errata deck is for you. The first Runelords printing was manufactured in China and the second was done in the USA. The card backs produced by each printer vary a bit in color, so to have errata cards most closely match your existing cards, you should get the errata decks customized for your printing. Not sure if you have a first printing or second printing? Check the fine print on the back of your box. The first printing will read, "Printed in China" and the second will say, "Printed in the USA."

Naturally, there are more errata cards for the first printing, as many cards were corrected in the second printing. The first printing errata cards are available in three separate decks or as one bundle of all the cards. The second printing errata cards come all in one deck.