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Passing Shot tennis game now available at Impact!

Impact! Miniatures is now selling copies of the Passing Shot tennis game. Passing Shot From their announcement:
Impact! is pleased to announce that Passing Shot is now available for purchase. Passing Shot is a dice game for two that simulates a tennis game. By means of consecutive dice rolls, the goal of this game is trying to win points, games, sets and finally, the match. The specialized dice have the faces that represent Ball (3), Out, Net and Energy. The base mechanic is trying to accumulate more “Ball” results than your opponent.
While this appears very simple, the game has advanced rules that add in ten additional strategic options. These include rules for adding in Stamina, Energy, Second Serves, Approaching the Net, and different Surfaces to name a few. For example, when incorporating the Energy rule, players can convert an Energy result on the dice to one of three different options. Approaching the Net is a risky maneuver that allows you to count Net results as successes but Outs count double. The three different colors of the Ball facing on the dice allow for playing on clay, grass or hard surface. As you can see, these advanced rules significantly add to the strategy and depth of the game. The game includes 10 Tennis dice (in two colors) and 4 plastic scoring tokens. The back of the box is designed to be used with the scoring tokens to keep score during the game (15-Adv). The box is the same size as a standard card box so the game is easy to transport. Just $15 and available now.