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Pass or Dare Card Game Up On Kickstarter

From what I've been told, occasionally people will get together at things called "parties." And while at these "parties," people will play games (I know what games are. It's just this "parties" thing I'm not certain about). There's even games specifically designed to be played at parties. One such game is Pass or Dare. This new party card game is up on Kickstarter now.

About the game:

RulesPass or Dare, The ultimate party game for adults. You play the game by placing the cards face down and taking turns drawing cards. There are 2 kinds of cards in the deck. Pass card and a Dare card. If you get a Dare card, you have to do what the dare card tells you to do before the sand clock runs out. If you complete the task you win 1 dare. If you choose not to complete the dare you say "I Pass" and you lose 1 dare. The person with the most negative dares loses. If you draw a pass card, its a no loss pass and the next person draws a card. 1 person has to be the Judge and keep score, that person can also be a player. When all the cards are drawn the person who has the most dares wins. The game has a lot of weird dares and a few simple ones too making it really fun. Here's are a few sample Dare cards Or you could get this cardLick the toe of the person next to you and rinse your mouth with alcohol of your choice and spit in an empty glass If you pass you lose a Dare If the person next to you refuses his/her toe to be licked they lose a dare and it’s a no loss pass for you There are also simple dares, which are easier to accomplish. It’s the most fun Party Game you have ever played

The Kickstarter campaign is up and running now. It's set to go for another 22 days.