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Party Card Games Newest Contender on Kickstarter

Nuts & Knockers is a new party card game with a touch more of an adult theme to it. They're up on Kickstarter and looking for some funding.
Note: It's not totally NSFW, but it's running along the edge, depending on your workplace.


From the campaign:

Nuts & Knockers is a hilarious party game for (im)mature people that brings men and women together for hours of gut-busting fun.

The game is a very naughty, R-rated version of Apples to Apples, similar to Cards Against Humanity. If you've played CAH, you know that the game is addictive and hilarious, but there is one thing it doesn’t have - female-oriented jokes. You can tell the cards weren't written by women or with women in mind. We've fixed that and made a game that is equally appealing to both genders by separating the answers into "male" and "female" and letting both genders have their own voice.