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Part-Time Gods of FATE Kickstarter Running Now

Part-Time Gods, the RPG by Third Eye Games, is taking fate in its hands and coming to the Fate gaming system. There's a Kickstarter campaign up and running now in order to make this possible. And barring any sudden drops in the funding that's already been pledged, it looks like it's going to make it, already 50% over their funding goal. In the game, players must choose between how much of their divine nature they want to tap into, as it will mean losing their bonds with humanity.

So, what new things will the Fate version of Part-Time Gods bring to the table? For starters, you can create your own pantheon and territory. Then there's the Character Aspects. Instead of the "normal" ones found in the Fate system, Part-Time Gods will use Manifestations, Entitlements, Relics and Worshipers, and Bonds. Manifestations are divine skills. Entitlements are divine stunts. Relics and Worshipers are divine extras that help increase a god's powers. Bonds are what grounds a character to their human side. Lastly, antagonists get what is called Spark, which is used to run their abilities and create aspects.

The campaign is set to run for another 28 days.