Pardulon has new windows

By Polar_Bear
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Dec 5th, 2012

Pardulon has some new windows available for shedding some light into your mini buildings.

From the release:

We have just released a couple of window sets, suitable for civil building projects as well as large industrial complexes.

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  • 4tonmantis

    ..Did they even pay attention to the fact that these windows and AC units are mismatched? This is kinda sad.

  • Waxer

    In that part of the world they usually are 🙂

    • Soulfinger

      You mean the part of the world where a glass cutter removes part of the pane so that the air conditioner can be mounted in a way that defies conventional architecture if not physics itself? Is that near Wisconsin?

  • I love it when the smart alecs come out…. facepalm

    When I was in India, I saw lots of ac units installed directly in front of the window panes, where people indeed often just cut a (mismatched) hole into the glass.

    The only thing that would be missing here is the rack that the units are installed on.

    Anyway, even if Jens is no expert in ac units’ installation (probably because he comes from a country where the climate does not normally require AC), you are all totally OT.

    Because the the actual window frames are very nice and even more nicely priced.

    Definitely on my shopping list!

    • 4tonmantis

      Any artist.. 2d or sculptor or whatever, should always familiarize themselves with the subject. That’s just common sense. IMO they should’ve released them as two separate pieces.. even if in the same kit.

      Oh.. and smart alec implies that sarcasm was intended.. I was making a genuine criticism based on actual observation. If anything, I was being cynical.

      • Soulfinger

        I agree wholeheartedly with 4tonmantis. There is nothing about the way that those AC units are mounted that makes sense in any country. It’s a comically lazy sculpt equivalent to a guy with one arm halfway down his torso. That’s all there is to it.

        • You two ac professors realize that the window frames are separate items from the ac units and that – if you wish to buy both of them – you can install them whichever way you like?

          …jeez, I was saying “smart alec” tongue-in-cheek, but it seems I hit the spot there…

          • Soulfinger

            As the owner of a multinational AC and heating distributorship with twelve registered industry patents I resent being called a mere “ac professor.” That aside, you don’t read the comments on this site very often, do you? It’s fairly common for people to point out glaring errors. If these things come separate from the windows then the error is more like someone creating a photoshoped advertisement and leaving out an arm.