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Parallax: Warbands Now Up On Kickstarter

Parallax: Warbands is a new fantasy skirmish miniatures game that's over on Kickstarter and looking for some funding love. The name of the game is customization, as there's RPG-style character building for each of your figures that make up your 4-8 character warband. Did I mention the anthropomorphic elephants? I should probably mention the anthropomorphic elephants. There are other anthropomorphic animals, too, but I just wanted to point out the elephants, since they're cool (and there's no anthropomorphic polar bears to talk about).

Games of Parallax: Warbands involve you picking various contracts for your warband to fulfill. The more you choose to take, the more points you can potentially get. However, any leftover at the end of the game count against you. So you want to make sure you pick wisely and beware of your opponent trying to disrupt your plans (even as you try and disrupt theirs). There's both a campaign mode and single-play, so whether you want to string some games together or just a quick pick-up, there's options.

They've also posted the beta rules on the Kickstarter page so you can check it all out for yourself before you decide to pledge. Though, considering the look of the minis, you might just want to jump in for those, alone.

The campaign is about 2/3 funded with still 22 days left on the clock.