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PaperTerrain releases ACW Dismounted Cavalry

PaperTerrain have released a set of American Civil War Dismounted Cavalry paper figures. Dismounted Cavalry From their announcement:
PaperTerrain rounds out its initial range of American Civil War paper soldiers! With our Dismounted Cavalry Sets you can have your cavalry dismount to fight as they so often did during the Civil War. Combined with our already released Infantry, Artillery, and Mounted Cavalry sets, you can field entire armies economically and easily. The 15mm sets (one Union, one Confederate) include 30 horseholders, 121 horses and 432 dismounted troopers, all for just $15.00. The 25mm sets include 20 horseholders, 86 horses and 280 dismounted troopers, all for just $20.00. The figures come in a variety of poses with different uniform types and a variety of weapons.