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PaperTerrain releases 6mm ACW Armies

PaperTerrain have released 6mm paper miniature American Civil War armies. 6mm ACW armies From their announcement:
PaperTerrain is proud to present our new line of 6mm scale American Civil War Soldiers. We have sets for Infantry, Cavalry and Artillery. Each set is just $15.00. The Infantry set has over 4,000 figures, the Cavalry sets around 500 mounted and 400 dismounted troopers, plus horseholders. The Artillery set includes 120 guns and crews plus 120 limbers and horses. All the figures are printed in full color on heavy cardstock and are ready to be cut out and assembled immediately. The figures have a variety of uniforms, hats, and weapons. As with our larger scale paper soldiers, the infantry are printed in ‘unit fronts’ with a whole rank of troops in one block, so you don’t have to cut them out individually. We also offer army sets with one each of the infantry, cavalry and artillery sets for only $40.00. Since we can’t predict what sort of rules you might be using we have divided our sets into “Tactical” and “Grand Tactical”. The only difference is that the Grand Tactical sets come with a lot more command stands for you folks doing division and corps-sized battles. Frankly, we are very excited by these new products. They offer a range of fascinating possibilities. Due to their low cost and ease of assembly (no painting!) you can now field huge armies easily and economically. One-to-one scale gaming is now practical, and recreating the great battles of the war at a regimental scale a possibility.