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PaperTerrain release Cobblestone Paving

PaperTerrain have released a new paper terrain kit with Cobblestone Paving tiles. Cobblestone Paving From their announcement:
I made these cobblestone sheets to use with my own models but enough people have asked me about getting them, too, that I’m offering them for sale. At first I thought about offering them marked off as actual roads, but I quickly realized that there were so many possible configurations that trying to satisfy everyone (or even a majority) was pretty hopeless. So I’m offering them in solid sheets that you can cut out any way you want. Each set comes with five 8 ½” x 14” (legal sized) sheets on heavy cardstock, ready to cut out and use. Price is $15.00. The pattern is taken from photos of real cobblestones and are in full color (which, granted, is pretty much shades of gray). They come in two different pattern densities. The high density (smaller scale) is appropriate for 6mm up to around 10/12mm. The larger (low density) pattern will work for 15mm up to 25mm scale.