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Paper Make It Shuffler 2.10.2 released with Extra Sets

Paper Make It releases a new version of it's map making software:

From their website:

What's Shuffler?
It’s a map maker software. A simple and intuitive drag & drop system with a rich internal library of tiles and many FX to add for a never-ending variety of rooms, corridors and outdoor environment.
Some of the many features include: tile resize, rotation, fine move and clone, FX like fog, dirt, water, shadows, lighting and 16 million palette colors, tools like dynamic hexagonal grid, load, save, print, print on png image and print scale selection. Plug-In available to upload own images. Shuffler is a portable Flash application that runs on WIN, MAC, Linux.

New Feature
Shuffler has been updated again with a new highly requested feature: mirroring. Each tile can be mirrored horizontally or vertically by pressing J or K on the keyboard or by the inner Edit Graphical Tool.

New Extra Sets
Vector shapes are now included with and without a thin black border so to expand even more the variety of your maps. All shapes can be resized, rotated, stretched, recolored, accepts transparency and can be overlayed on the tiles below, creating thus new color effects.

Shapes Extra Sets and Shuffler Update are offered for free to previous customers, but in February there will be an increase in price, so don't miss this deal! Get it now!

Price: $14.90