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Paper Make iT! releases Shuffler 2.10.0

Paper Make iT! has released their Shuffler 2.10.0 has released their Shuffler 2.10.0.

From their announcement:

What's Shuffler?

It's a map maker software. A simple and intuitive drag & drop system with a rich internal library of tiles and many FX to add for a neverending variety of rooms, corridors and outdoor environment.

Some of the many features include: tile resize and rotation, clone, fog, dirt, water, shadows, lighting, 16 million palette colors, dynamic hexagonal grid, load, save, print, print on png image,print scale selection. Plug-In available to upload own images.

Shuffler is a portable Flash application: no need to install anything. Runs on WIN, MAC, Linux.

This new release adds two new feature:

Square Grid Switch
Now you can design a map freely with tiles without borders and only at the end decide to add a square grid or not. It is just a click away a switch on the panel. Moreover you can choose the level of

the grid: you can move foreward or backward the layer so to have the black lines over or behind the objects, or you can have a part of the floor with grid and another part without.

One more key command has been added. That is a combination of SHIFT and ARROW KEYs. In this way, after selecting an Element on the canvas, you can move it 1 pixel by 1 pixel for a finerepositioning.

As usual also this update is offered for free to all previous customers.