Paper Make iT ! releases Extra Set#1 for Shuffler

Paper Make iT ! have added a new set of image overlays for their Shuffler map building software.

Extra Set #1: Vehicles

From their announcement:

Extra Set #1: Vehicles
With this Set you will expand Outdoor Section of Shuffler with 30 nice vehicles to Drag&Drop over your Street Maps for a more involving look. You will find a good variety of cars, buses, trucks and bikes and, best of all, you can choose the body color among 16 million of different ones.

Shuffler is a 2d Map Creator that uses an easy Drag&Drop system to generate maps.

Try the Free Demo to see the power and the quality of this Set (it will work only with at least Shuffler 2.7.1 and not with previous versions).

Price: $3.90