Paper Make iT! release Space Base

Paper Make iT! have released a paper Space Base terrain kit.

Space Base

From their announcement:

This PDF contains all you need to create your space base dungeon in just seconds after printing the many tiles available.

Here you will find Corridors from 1×1 to 1×10, L-T-X Joints and several rooms from 3×3 to 8×5. A room with a big entrance can be used as Hangar.

All these designs were generated using only Shuffler. Source files are also here included so that, if you own Shuffler, you can easily modify all the tiles and get a never ending variety in dimension and colors.

And with Shuffler and User Images Plug-In, you can even add you own images to personalize the Space Base. Try it out.

Two different sets available: 1″ square grid for 28-30mm minis or 20mm square grid for 15mm minis.
Price: $3.90