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Papecarz-The Papercraft Racing Board Game on Indiegogo

Ladies and gentlemen, start your paper engines! *watches everyone's car catch fire as the paper internal combustion engines spray gas everywhere and then sparks set everything alight*
... umm...
Maybe it'd be best to just keep that sort of thing to the tabletop. Good thing Papercarz is here, then, up on Indiegogo. It brings the thrill of auto racing to your tabletop, but you don't have to sit outside in the heat of a racetrack all afternoon.

In the game, you are crew chief and driver of your own stock car racer. You and up to 7 other cars are looking to cross the finish line first and take the checkered flag. The game has four main phases. There's the pre-race where you set up and the start grid. Then there's right at the start where you look to get good positioning in the field. Then the first 7 laps as you try and collect Boost points so that in the last lap (and the last phase), you can just mash the accelerator to the floor and hope your car is the best.

The campaign is set to run for another 34 days.

Makes me want to go listen to Ministry - Jesus Built My Hotrod.