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Paolo Parente and Dust Studio at CMON Booth For Gen Con

We all know the... things that've been going on with Dust Studio and Battlefront over the past year. Rehashing it all here isn't really important. What is important here and now is that Dust Studio will be part of the CMON booth at Gen Con in a week and Paolo Parente will be on-site to tell you all you'd want to know about Dust Tactics.

Not only can you talk about Dust Tactics, but you can purchase Dust Tactics at the CMON booths (1317 and 1417, just across the isle from one-another). New releases will be available at the show, including a show-exclusive Frank Von Steain figure (the first of their "hard plastic" figures). You can get one by buying a starter set, or for just playing a demo of the game.