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Pandemic: Rising Tide Now Available

The Netherlands are in a unique situation wherein most of the country is beneath sea level. This has been helpful, as the country, when under attack, can open up their system of dams and levees and flood regions. But what happens when those systems start failing and there's no approaching army to defend from? It's up to the country's engineers to fix it before everyone's left not-so-high and not-so-dry. That's what's happening on Pandemic: Rising Tide. You've read the rulebook. Now you can get a copy for yourself, as it's available now.

From the release:

Prepare for a battle with the sea itself. With the threat of flooding from North Sea storms and overflowing rivers constantly looming over the Netherlands, you and your team have been chosen to construct a modern hydraulic system that will keep the ever-encroaching waters at bay. To succeed, you’ll first need to control the flow of water and keep it from spilling too far across the countryside. But storms are brewing and the sea is restless. Gather your team and fight the tide. Pandemic: Rising Tide is on sale now!