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Pandasaurus Games Announces Coaster Park

Pandasaurus Games Announces Coaster Park

I don’t like going to amusement parks. It’s just not my thing. Mostly, that’s because I don’t like roller coasters. I get motion sickness pretty bad. However, that doesn’t meant that I can’t enjoy games like Coaster Park, a new board game announced by Pandasaurus Games. I’ll happily sit at and play a game based on roller coasters. And this isn’t just some cards you’re playing, but actual 3D pieces as you make a real roller coaster.

From the announcement:

From the publisher who brought you Machi Koro, The Game and Red Scare comes the next great family game! Scott Almes’ (Tiny Epic Kingdom, Starfall) Coaster Park!

Coaster Park is a light bidding game with a twist! In Coaster Park up to four players are competing to build the worlds most exciting coaster Park! Players will compete to buy the biggest baddest hills, special ride elements and even the coveted loop! But these aren’t abstract pieces of coaster track or hypothetical hills. You are building an ACTUAL 3d working track for a marble to go down.

Only the pieces of track that your marble can successfully complete will count towards your overall excitement score at the end of the game, so you will have to carefully choose which parts to buy and in what order to assemble them. Bringing a physical and dexterity element into this light bidding game and making a game that will be sure to stand out on players tables.

Featuring over 72 different coaster hills, two loops and a first player marker standing nearly 5″ and 8 marbles!

Releasing first at Essen 2017 and available in November of 2017 at your favorite retailer worldwide!

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