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Palladium Books Releases Rifts: Secrets of the Atlanteans

If there's a game that lets you go just about anywhere and do just about anything, it's Rifts from Palladium. It's well-known that players can dimension-hop all over everywhere. With such an open ability to travel, there's countless potential destinations. One such is the Mythical Lost City of Atlanta.... err, I mean, Atlantis. (That just raises further questions!)
Palladium has a new sourcebook talking all about this race of sub-mariners.

From the announcement:

Rifts® Secrets of the Atlanteans™ is one of those epic sourcebooks with ideas on every page and packed with all kinds of useful and fun information about True Atlanteans, Tattoo Magic, Stone Pyramids, Crystal Magic, Shadow Magic, Atlantean clans, the Sunaj, new Atlantean O.C.C.s, old O.C.C.s revisited, the Shadow Dimension and its monstrous inhabitants, and more. And there are many secrets revealed. Please take a look at the free preview on for more details and a few choice glimpses of what you can expect. 224 pages, $24.95 retail.