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Paizo Releases Ultimate Intrigue Book For Pathfinder RPG

Some of my favorite RPG characters I've played haven't been the strongest or most-deadly, but they've had razor-sharp wit and been able to talk their way out of (or into) just about any situation. If you're like me and enjoy playing that type of character, then you'll probably want to check out Ultimate Intrigue, a new supplement for the Pathfinder RPG from Paizo.

Ultimate Intrigue

This book focuses on those characters who like to use their words to get things done. They may look rather unassuming, but that calm demeanor generally hides a keen eye and a sharp tongue. The book includes the Vigilante, a new character class for those that like to live such double-lives with their characters. It also includes new archetypes for several classes, including bard, druid, hunter, ranger, rogue, and spiritualist (plus many others). There's plenty of new feats to go along with those archetypes and the new class as well. Those that have access to magic will also get the option of plenty of new spells. For the GM, there's rules for adding social encounters to your games, including gaining and losing influence in various groups around town, as well as for long pursuits and heists.