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Paizo Releases Inner Sea Races For Pathfinder

Inner the sea!
Inner the sea!
Ok, so it's not exactly what's sung in the song, but it's still stuck in your head, anyway. You're welcome! :D
Paizo expands your possibilities for playing in Pathfinder with the release of their Inner Sea Races book. It covers all the major races of the Inner Seas region.

Inner Sea Races

Inside, you can check out new elves, dwarves, aasimars, drow, and more. You get full histories and cultural notes for them all (plus 12 human ethnicities). There's plenty of "crunch" as well in the form of new feats, spells, armors, magic items, and weapons. Build your character as one of the various aquatic groups. Be a fisher of men... or just a fish man... or just whatever.

The book is available now.