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Paizo Releases Horror Adventures for Pathfinder

Fantasy settings can take on a whole variety of themes. It can be bright and shining, full of magic and wonder. It can be gritty and dirty, with steampunk elements creating a grimy, smoky, urban environment. Or it can cloud over the sun and cast everything in shadow, giving your game a creepy, spooky vibe. It's that last one that Paizo is emphasizing in their latest Pathfinder release. It's Horror Adventures.

So, what sort of things will be in this "bump in the night" book? Well, there's Corruptions. Ever want your character to become a vampire (sparkly or original recipe) or werewolf? Now you can. Even if you don't want to do that, there's plenty of things to customize your character for a horror setting. There's new archetypes, feats, spells, and gear you can get for your character. Or perhaps your GM would like to play around with your character's minds. There's rules for sanity and madness in the book, too. Speaking of things for the GM, there's new templates you can put on any monster to help them more-fit into a horror setting, as well as tips for running such a campaign.

You can pick up your copies now.