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Paizo Releases a Song of Silver Adventure Path

Paizo has had a pretty good winner with its Pathfinder RPG system. How successful has it been? Well, they're coming out with their Song of Silver Adventure Path. I realize that, on its own, that might not seem like that "big a deal," at least not enough to call it out extra like I am. "They come out with those all the time!" Yeah, which makes this one the 100th that they've released. That's a pretty big milestone.


Ok, so it's the 100th one. What does it have in it? Well, it continues the Hell's Rebels Adventure Path. It's designed for 10th level characters. It includes a study of the faith of the dead god Aroden, along with a retrospective collection of NPCs from other adventure paths. Plus, there's four new monsters (can never have enough monsters) and a poster map where you can fight said monsters.