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Paizo Previews Trapfinding in Pathfinder 2.0

It's a trap!
Ok, obligatory reference out of the way, we can move on. Pressure plates. Tripwires. Buckets perched precariously on partially-open doors. The adventuring world is filled with all manner of traps of nefarious means. But how will they be handled in the new edition of Pathfinder? In this preview, we get ourselves a look. Just watch where you step. ... Not because of traps, but because my neighbors don't always pick up after their dogs...

From the post:

Hazards are some of the most common challenges in Pathfinder, apart from monsters, and the most common hazards are traps. Most of the hazards in the Pathfinder Playtest are traps, but there are also environmental hazards like mold and quicksand, or even haunts. Rather than have different rules for each type of hazard, in the playtest, hazards all have a unified format, though how you might find them and deal with them can be quite different.