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Paizo Previews the Wizard Class From Pathfinder

One of the big news stories of late has been the announcement that Pathfinder is getting a new edition. But what's changing? Well, the core classes are getting an overhaul. So, what can you expect? At PaizoCon, players will get a chance to see these new classes first-hand, but even us that won't be in Seattle can still get a look. In this preview, we see how the Wizard class has been changed.

From the post:

With Paizocon getting underway in just a few days, we wanted to round out our previews by looking at the final class that you will be able to play at the show. So, without further delay, it's time to look at the wizard!
Wizard Features

If you are building a wizard, everything starts with your key ability, Intelligence. Having a high Intelligence gives you a boost to the DCs of your spells, and it gives you more skill choices at 1st level.

At 1st level, you begin play with a spellbook containing 10 cantrips and eight 1st-level spells, giving you a wide variety of spells to draw upon when you prepare your magic each morning. Starting out, you can prepare four cantrips and two 1st-level spells each day. In addition, you also select your arcane school at 1st level, which grants you one extra spell slot of each level that you can use only to prepare a spell from your chosen school. You can compare this to the cleric, who doesn't get extra spell slots, but instead gets a narrow ability to cast extra heal or harm spells. Your school also grants you a school power that you can cast using a pool of Spell Points. Take a look at the nifty power you can pick up from choosing divination as your school. (Remember, that ] code you see indicates that this is an action, and it will be a snazzy icon in the final rulebook!)