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Paizo Previews Starfinder Armory

It's a dangerous galaxy out there. Best to get yourself something to fight back against whatever hostile alien life you might find. Be it a small sidearm all the way up to a mobile battle suit, the Starfinder Armory has you covered. We get a quick look inside this upcoming book in this article from Paizo.

From the post:

Psst! You look like a sapient species with some credits to spare, and that azimuth laser pistol of yours looks worn OUT. Why don't you take a look through this catalog of brand-new weaponry, and we'll find you a great weapon at an honest price.

What's that? You want powered armor? That guy's not here 'til next week. Besides, the best defense is a good offense—and I've got some real offensive stuff here! Take these disintegrator weapons—they'll melt your face… OFF! Well, your enemies' faces. Or face-like appendages. You know what I mean.

And hey, if disintegration isn't your style, not to worry! I've got more than 650 weapons on offer, in more than 150 makes, with 46 new weapon special properties and half a dozen critical hit effects. Wanna keep your hands free while blasting away with a shoulder laser? Put a weapon with the integrated special property into an armor upgrade slot! Wanna scare the nutrition paste outta your enemies? Hit em with a psychic-wave cannon and let its demoralize critical hit effect do the work! Whatever your preferred flavor of proactive self-defense, you'll find it here.