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Paizo Previews Skill Feats in Pathfinder 2.0

So, we got a look at how Skills will be changing in the 2nd edition of Pathfinder. But that was only part of the information on how those will work. There's also going to be Skill Feats, and players are going to get a lot of them! But what are they and how do they work? Glad you asked, because Paizo's here to answer.

From the post:

Now that Stephen has explained Pathfinder Second Edition's skills and how they work, it's time to look at the goodies you can earn as you level up: skill feats! Every character gets at least 10 skill feats, one at every even-numbered level, though rogues get 20, and you can always take a skill feat instead of a general feat. At their most basic level, skill feats allow you to customize how you use skills in the game, from combat tricks to social exploits, from risk-averse failure prevention to high-risk heroism. If you'd ever rather just have more trained skills than special techniques with the skills you already have, you can always take the Skill Training skill feat to do just that. Otherwise, you're in for a ride full of options, depending on your proficiency rank.