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Paizo Previews Druids in Pathfinder 2.0

The tree-hugging hippies of the fantasy world, Druids are in complete contact with nature. They can feel the changes of the seasons, the cycles of life and death, and even communicate with the woodland creatures and the woods themselves. But how will they change from the way they operate in Pathfinder to Pathfinder 2.0? That's what we get to see in this preview.

From the post:

Druids are practitioners of primal magic, which blends vital essence (the essence of life, instinct, and faith) with material essence (the essence of matter and the natural world). Thus, primal traditions are rooted in an instinctual connection with and faith in the surrounding world: the cycle of day and night, the turning of the seasons, and the natural selection of predator and prey. Druids are the iconic primal spellcasters; they call upon the power of nature for magic through their deep faith, as opposed to primal sorcerers, who harness the power of fey or other natural creatures that flows through their blood to access the same sorts of primal energies.

Since this is the last class, before we go deeper into the druid's mechanics, I want to show you some extra pieces each class has that you might not know about. Every class entry starts with some bullet points to help you get a feel for what playing the class might be like.