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Paizo Previews Bards in Pathfinder 2.0

Bards = Best Class, in my opinion.
I've got two games I'm in right now, and my slightly-more-favorite character of the two is a bard. I just love 'em. So I'm interested to see how they're changing in Pathfinder 2.0. And that's what we get a preview of in this article.

From the post:

The bard—it's arguably the most iconic support character. For some reason, bards are often the butt of goofy jokes, even though they're powerful force multipliers who can contribute to just about every aspect of play. Bard is one of my favorite classes in Pathfinder, and it has some of the most exciting changes of any of the classes in the Pathfinder Playtest, but I'm going to start you with a big one first. Are you sitting down yet? OK, good:

Bards are full 10-level spellcasters.