Paizo Launching Weekly Twitch Show

Twitch is a great way for people to watch live events right from their own computer. Paizo is looking to launch their own show, with the inaugural one coming this Friday. Since there’s a new edition of Pathfinder coming, this first episode will focus mostly on that, being hosted by Paizo’s Director of Game Design, Jason Bulmahn. Join in, ask your questions, and see what’s gonna be happening in Pathfinder‘s future.

About the show:

Paizo will begin weekly live streaming Pathfinder and Starfinder news and entertainment on Fridays at 4 PM Pacific on Twitch. Players can follow Paizo at

The inaugural episode on Friday, March 30 will feature Paizo’s Director of Game Design, Jason Bulmahn, who will answer questions about the Pathfinder Playtest. Fans can join in the discussion and hear the latest news coming from the design team.

In future live episodes, the channel will expand to include gameplay, interviews, seminars and interactive events.